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"An Army at Dawn" by Rick Atkinson
"The Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer 
"Iwo" by Richard Wheeler 
"Target Hiroshima: Deak Parsons and the Creation of the Atomic Bomb" By Al Christman
"Guadalcanal - An American Story" by Carl K. Hixon  (Solomon Campaign)
"Day of Infamy" by Walter Lord 
"The Terrible Hours" by Peter Mass 
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"Currahee! A Screaming Eagle at Normandy" by Donald R. Burgett 
"The Road to Arnheim" by Donald R. Burgett 
"Seven Roads to Hell" by Donald R. Burgett 
"Across the Rhine" by Donald R. Burgett (Coming soon)

"A Question of Honor - The Kosciuszko Squadron: Forgotten Heroes of World War II"
"The Ghost That Died at Sunda Straight" by W. G. Wilson 
"The Pirate of Tobruk, A Sailor's Life on the Seven Seas, 1916-1948" by Alfred B. Palmer 
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"In Harm's Way" By Doug Stanton (The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis)
"In Deadly Combat: A German Soldier's Memoir Of the Eastern Front" By Gottlob H. Bidermann, Trans. & Ed. by Derek S. Zumbro
"Tin Can Sailor: Life Aboard the USS Sterett, 1939-1945" by C. Raymond Calhoun
"Helmet for My Pillow" by Robert Leckie
"The Third Reich: A New History" By Michael Burleigh (Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany)
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"The Hollywood Propaganda of World War II" By Robert Fyne
"DUTY: A Father, His Son, and the Man Who Won the War"
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The Wild Blue: The Men and Boys Who Flew the B-24s Over Germany by Stephen E. Ambrose