Great Military, Science Fiction & Fantasy Series and Notable Authors

Alexander Kent & The Richard Bolitho Series
Dudley Pope & The Ramage Series
Patrick O'Brien & The Aubrey/Maturin Series
Richard Woodman & The Nathaniel Drinkwater Series
Dewey Lambdin & The Alan Lewrie Series
James L. Nelson & The Isaac Biddlecomb Series 
Douglas Reeman & Great WW II Fiction (a.k.a. Kent)
Captain Frederick Marryat & Great Age of Sail Fiction
C. S. Forester & The Great Hornblower Series
Bernard Cornwell & Sharpe's Rifles


C. Northcote Parkinson - Richard Delancy Series

Bernard Cornwell - Sharpe, Starbuck & King Arthur Trilogy

Dan Parkinson - Fox Series

William Forstchen - Union Fever Series

Bill Baldwin - Helmsman Series

Henryck Sienkiewicz - With Fire & Sword, The Deluge, & Fire in the Steppes

Dan Cragg & David Shaman Space Marine Series

W. E. B. Griffin - The Brotherhood of War, Semper Fi, Men at War, etc.

Dale Brown -  "Flight of the Old Dog" and beyond series

William H. Keith - "Semper Fi" space marine series

Charles Whyte - Arthurian series

George M. Fraiser - Flashman
David Poyer - Dan V. Lenson