Richard Woodman is one of my personal favorites in the area of nautical fiction. None of his books disappoint. I have read several, have four more on my pile, and will get the missing volumes when they are available. - Ken Smith - - April 2000

Richard Woodman's Nathaniel Drinkwater Series

#01 An Eye of the Fleet"
"A King's Cutter"
#03 "
A Brig of War"
"Bomb Vessel"
#05 "
The Corvette"
#06 "
1805" (Decision at Trafalgar in the US)
#07 "
Baltic Mission"
#08 "In Distant Waters"
"A Private Revenge"
#10 "
Under False Colours"
#11 "
The Flying Squadron"
#12 "
Beneath the Aurora"
#13 "
The Shadow of the Eagle"
#14 "
Ebb Tide"

"The First Nathaniel Drinkwater Omnibus" (comprising An Eye of the Fleet, King's Cutter and Brig of War)

A tale of East India Clipper Ships in the mid 1800's
"Wager" (A tale of East Indiamen in the mid 1800's)

James Dunbar Series
"Under Sail"

New Series
"The Guineaman"

Nautical Non-Fiction

"The History of the Ship: The Comprehensive Story of Seafaring from the Earliest Times to the Present Day"
"The Victory of Seapower: Winning the Napoleonic War 1806-1814" (Chatham Pictorial Histories)
"Arctic Convoys: 1941-1945"
"Malta Convoys: 1940-1943"

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