I have this whole set on my pile and will review them as I read them. I have heard they great, but for me the jury is still out.

Ken Smith USVeterans.com - May 2001

C. S. Forester's Horatio Hornblower Series

(#01) Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
(#02) Lt. Hornblower
(#03) Hornblower And The Hotspur
(#04) Hornblower During The Crisis (an unfinished novel plus other material)
(#05) Hornblower And The Atropos
(#06) Beat To Quarters
(#07) Ship Of The Line
(#08) Flying Colours
(#09) Commodore Hornblower
(#10) Lord Hornblower
(#11) Admiral Hornblower In The West Indies

World War I

*The General - (Rise from unknown Calvary major to Lt. General)
Rifleman Dodd - (WW I in the trenches)

World War II

*The Ship - (Cruiser action in the Med.)

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