Marryat was the first great master of nautical fiction (actually Tobias Smollett was first). He was unique in that he lived the adventures about which he wrote. His novels are all similar in plot and form, but they are filled with history, adventure, and humor. Each of his books stands alone, so they can be read in any particular order.

Captain Frederick Marryat's 19th Century Classics

*Frank Mildmay or the Naval Officer       (Classics of Nautical Fiction Series)
*The King's Own                                        (Classics of Nautical Fiction Series)
*Mr. Midshipman Easy                               (Heart of Oak Sea Classics Series)
*The Privateersman                                    (McBooks Press)
*Newton Forster or the Merchant Service (Classics of Nautical Fiction Series)
*Snarleyyow or The Dog Fiend                   (Classics of Nautical Fiction Series)
*Peter Simple                                                (Heart of Oak Sea Classics Series)
*Percival Keene
                                            (Heart of Oak Sea Classics Series)

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