Douglas Reeman is the real name of the author with the pen-name "Alexander Kent." Reeman uses his real name for his Royal Marines saga and his naval fiction set in the 20th century. Many of his books are currently available as British paperbacks and more are being re-issued.

Douglas Reeman's Blackwood Royal Marines Saga

"Badge of Glory" By Douglas Reeman ( Book #1 of 4, Crimean War )
"First to Land" By Douglas Reeman ( Book #2 of 4, Boxer Rebellion )
"The Horizon" By Douglas Reeman ( Book #3 of 4, WW I in the trenches)
"Dust on the Sea" By Douglas Reeman (Book #4 of 4, WW II in the Med

20th-century Reeman Naval Fiction In Print
(Some of these books are out of print and can only be found in used bookstores. Some are being reprinted, so keep checking)

"A Dawn Like Thunder"
"A Prayer for the Ship"
"A Ship Must Die"
Against the Sea"
"Battle Cruiser"
Deep Silence"
"Dive in the Sun" ( Mini-submarines in WW II )
Go In and Sink!" (published in the United States as "His Majesty's U-Boat")
"Greatest Enemy"
"H.M.S. Saracen"
High Water"
"Hostile Shore"
"In Danger's Hour"
( Mine Sweepers in WW II )
"Iron Pirate"
"Last Raider"
"Killing Ground"
"Path of the Storm"
Pride and the Anguish"
"Rendezvous South Atlantic"
"Send a Gunboat"
"Ship Must Die"
"Strike from the Sea"
"Surface with Daring" ( Mini-submarines in WW II )
"The Destroyers"
"The Volunteers"

"To Risks Unknown"
"Torpedo Run"
White Guns"
"Winged Escort"
"With Blood and Iron"

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