"Dust on the Sea" By Douglas Reeman (Book #4 of 4 in the Blackwood Saga)

Captain Mike Blackwood of the Royal Marine Commando starts out on small raids against German radar and supply installations in the Mediterranean Sea. These attacks are usually carried out by small motor boats that deliver the marines and the provide covering fire with automatic weapons. When Blackwood's unit reaches full strength, they are the first British units ashore in the invasion of Sicily.

The book ends with an attack on an island base guarded by Germans where they have gathered special one-man Italian motor boats packed with explosives. These boats are poised to attack the allied landing ships when the Italian invasion begins.

There is some good action in this book but I was not as taken with it as the first three in the series. The book is a little disjointed (like my reviews) and the love subplots do not help the book.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith 2/27/2001

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