"In Danger's Hour" by Douglas Reeman (a.k.a. Alexander Kent)

This is the story of the minesweeper Rob Roy and her Crew. Little glory was paid to these men, but they were always in the forefront of the danger and action. Follow the HMS Rob Roy during routine sweeps around the homeland to keep the shipping lanes safe for convoys. Follow them to the Med where they are right on the shore during the invasions of Sicily and Italy. Then sail with them to the beaches of Juno on the 6th of June, 1944. Meet the men and officers, good and bad, young and old. Follow them ashore to meet their wives, lovers, girlfriends, and families. Learn how the ship is run, how mine sweeps are performed, and how mines are destroyed.

The characters are well defined and you acquire an affinity for them. The action sequences are well defined, brief, and brutal. This is an excellent account (story) of one of the lesser known aspects of WWII, and one of there most critical to the war's success. Douglas Reeman is also the author of the Richard Bolitho series of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic and American wars under the guise of Alexander Kent. Well done!

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith, 1 September 1999
Available from:
Jove Books
The Berkeley Publishing group
200 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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