"Success to the Brave" by Alexander Kent

It is the Spring of 1802 and the Treaty of Amiens has been signed with France. Both sides of the conflict have beaten each other to the breaking point and need a breather. There is a small island in the Caribbean that the British have ceded to the French as part of the treaty. Bolitho sails to America and then to the Caribbean to straighten out the problem. The Americans want the island under their jurisdiction and to add to the problems, the Governor of the island wants to keep it for himself. The French are waiting in the wings, and the Spanish are up to mischief because the want the island and its excellent port. The Spanish outfit a large privateer that is spreading terror to the shipping in the area and setting up a snatch of the island for the Spanish. In the middle of all this is Bolitho. Great fun with plenty of land and sea action in this 15th volume of the Bolitho saga.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith 10 April 2000

McBooks Press
Ithaca, New York

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