"Wager" by Richard Woodman (Author of the Nathaniel Drinkwater Series)

The year is 1869, and two great clipper ships laden with China tea race to be the first to England for the premium price of being first to market. There is also a wager of 1000 guineas by Captain Richards of the Seawitch against 100 guineas and the hand of the daughter (Hannah) of Captain "Cracker Jack" Kemball of the Erl King. The all out race becomes dangerous and Hanna Kemball and 2nd mate Munro have to take on more than expected.

A great sailing yarn. Lots of fun and lots of action with twists and turns. The descriptions of handling one of these great ships is an education in itself.

Reviewed by Ken Smith on 1 April 2000

Sheridan House, Inc
145 Palisade Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY  10522

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