"In Gallant Company" by Alexander Kent

In book three, Bolitho is a lieutenant on the 80 gun ship Trojan, stationed in New York under the command of captain Pears. They set sail to escort an ammunition convoy from Halifax and notice they are being shadowed by an American Privateer. When fog causes both ships to have to heave to, Bolitho and company take to the boats in the fog and board and capture the American schooner Faithful. Aboard the Faithful, with intelligence learned from the capture crew, Bolitho and company set out to meet with American smuggles waiting to take on any captured arms. On the way they have to trick other American ships and dodge British patrols. They meet the Americans and slug it out, sinking of capturing their ships. While back in port, Bolitho has the duty of finding new hands and falls into a couple of intrigues involving traitors and a high class woman that tries to get him to quit the navy. He next sets sail for Fort Exitor, South Carolina where the rebels are receiving and exporting arms and munitions to the Colonial Army. They land their marines and some sailors and attack, capture, and then destroy the fort. They are next ordered south to smoke out the American ships sending supplies up from the Caribbean. The meet and trade broadsides and boarding parties with the French ship Argonaute. The fleet continues south where Bolitho takes command of a brig and with the trusty Stockdale always at his back, has a battle with another American brig. Lots of stirring action, this book is filled with many sea engagements and a good land battle. The bodies continue to pile up.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith January 1999

Available from:
McBooks Press
Ithaca, New York

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