"Honor This Day" by Alexander Kent

This is the 17th book in the Richard Bolitho saga. Vive Admiral Bolitho sets sail to the West Indies to capture a Spanish Treasure Ship. The cutting out action is cleverly done. While in the West Indies, he runs across his old love, Catherine Pareja, and the discover they are both fiercely in love with each other. Unfortunately, she is married to the Inspector General, and he to his estranged Belinda. After his return to England, his continued affair with Catherine leads to scandal. His wife Belinda and Catherine's husband conspire and have Catherine hidden away in a loony bin. Bolitho rescues her and installs her in his family estate at Falmouth. Bolitho then sets sail for Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea with old fiends Valentine Keen as his Flag Captain and the ever trusty Allday. There they take on a Spanish fleet of 12 ships of the line which is trying to link up with the French fleet before the Battle of Trafalgar. Since Nelson is killed at Trafalgar, Bolitho gets little recognition for his great victory. Bolitho also has a new Aide Lt. Jenour, who is a great character and will be there in future adventures.

McBooks will be releasing chapters 14-18 this April and I will be one of the first to get them.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith 12 April 2000

McBooks Press
Ithaca, New York

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