"For My Country's Freedom" by Alexander Kent

Richard Bolitho Saga #21

This book starts in 1811 when war with America is looming. Admiral Bolitho is given command of a small fleet and a cut-down old 64 with 24 pounders to match the speed and firepower of the new heavy American frigates. His task is to protest shipping from the West Indies and be ready to meet the Americans if war breaks out.

Adam Bolitho, in command of one of the British frigates is escorting a convoy when he spots the approach of American ships. Although he has no confirmation that a state of war exists, he crosses swords with Admiral Beer and his ship is lost and he is captured. He manages to escape from America with the help of Allday's son, his previous coxswain, and makes it back in time for a final confrontation between Admirals Bolitho and Beer.

This book suffers from the over emphasis of romantic trivia that is creeping into this series, but still a good read.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith 2/07/2001

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