"The Darkening Sea" by Alexander Kent

Richard Bolitho Saga #20 (and better than #19)

The year is 1809 and the war situation in England is improving with the recent victories in Spain by Wellseley's forces. But, the French are raiding commerce from the East Indies and Bolitho is once again dispatched to Capetown to prepare for the British invasion of Mauritius and sweep the seas of the French raiders. The French are led by a previous clever nemesis, Admiral Baratte, who has clandestine help of the Americans in the form of one of their new powerful frigates of 44 guns with a main armament of 24 pounders commanded by the competent Commodore Beer. Also in the employ of the French is the infamous ex English frigate captain, Simon Hannay.

There some surprises in store for Bolitho and his usual comrades and some pretty decent battles.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith 2/07/2001

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