"A Tradition of Victory" by Alexander Kent

The year is 1801 and France and England are reeling from long years of war. Secret peace negotiations are in progress. But, the French are building a large invasion fleet to threaten Britain and gain concessions in the treaty. Bolitho, along with coxswain Allday, now Commodore Herrick, Captain Inch, Flag Lieutenant Browne, and Adam Pascoe are in attendance as Bolitho's small squadron is sent to destroy the French invasion fleet. But alas, the French seem to know every move Bolitho is going to make beforehand. Bolitho and company discover the French costal semaphore system that is sending warnings of Bolitho's presence up and down the coast. The trick is to attack and sink the invasion fleet before the French can react and trap Bolitho's squadron. Bolitho has another problem, one of his ships the frigate Phalarope (the first ship he served on) is commanded by the questionable officer, Captain Emes.

In the great tradition of all of Kent's novels, there is great action ashore and at sea.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith 21 March 2000

McBooks Press
Ithaca, New York

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