World War I - Fiction

"Losing Julia" by Jonathan Hull

A moving and profound book. The author has insights to life that seem omniscient. This is more than a story of war, friendship, love, and lost love. This is a book of life, loving, growing old, and dying. The book begins at a memorial dedication in France ten years after the end of World War I. There Patrick Delaney  meets Julia, the love of his best friend. The book then moves back ten years to two friends serving in the trenches and all the horrors and depravations they suffered. The two share their hopes, dreams, and life experiences. This is where Patrick falls in love with Julia without ever having met her. The rest of the book tracks Patrick over the years up until he is in a nursing home and nearing the end of life. In the nursing home, Patrick reflects back over his life and discovers many self truths.

 A phenomenal book. I can't understand why it was not on the best seller lists. Highly recommended adult (not pornography) entertainment.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith 2/14/2000

Available from:
Island Books
Bantam Dell Publishing
A Division of Random House
1540 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

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