American Revolutionary War - Fiction

"Continental Risqué" by James L. Nelson

This book is the third in a series about the American Navy during the Revolutionary War. In this book, the main character, Isaac Biddlecomb, sails for the new United States Navy, the Brig-of-war Charlemagne. With other U. S. ships, he sets sail on a daring raid to the British island of New Providence in the Bahamas to capture much needed arms and ammunition for the Continental forces. Filled with action, this book is as great as the previous two: "By Force of Arms" and "The Maddest Idea". Enjoy the cruise!

Nelson's books fit between Patrick O'Brien and Dewey Lambdin in quality and fun. They contain detailed descriptions of sailing the ships of the day and exciting accounts of action aboard ship and on land. The characters are full and likeable.

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Reviewed by Ken Smith, January 20th, 1999