American Revolutionary War - Fiction

"By Force of Arms" by James L. Nelson

This book is the first in a series about the American Navy during the Revolutionary War. In this book, the main character, Isaac Biddlecomb, is smuggling goods into Rhode Island when he runs afoul of a British frigate and has to scuttle his ship and fortune. To escape the British authorities, he signs on as an able seaman on a merchant ship. But on the high seas, he and his friend are pressed to the crew of a British man of war. What does he do? How does he and his friend Ezra Rumstick escape before the British find out who they really are? Enjoy the exciting action! And don't miss "The Maddest Idea" and "Continental Risqué".

Nelson's books fit between Patrick O'Brien and Dewey Lambdin in quality and fun. They contain detailed descriptions of sailing the ships of the day and exciting accounts of action aboard ship and on land. The characters are full and likeable.

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Reviewed by Ken Smith, January 20th, 1999