American Revolutionary War - Fiction

"All the Brave Fellows" By James L. Nelson

The year is 1777, and Isaac Biddlecomb is on his way to take command of a new American Frigate in Philadelphia. The problems mount when he runs afoul of a British man-of-war and loses his current ship, Charlemagne and the British capture Philadelphia. Fortunately, the new 28 gun frigate Falmouth is taken and hidden by the shipwright and a band of Pennsylvania Militia. There the ship waits while Biddlecomb, 1st officer Ezra Rumstick, and the survivors of his crew fight their way upriver.

There is plenty of action on land and at sea in this book to satisfy action-adventure fans. I found the telling of the Battle of Brandywine from the viewpoint of a corporal in the Pennsylvania Militia fascinating. Nelson gets better as the series progresses.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith 8 August 2001

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