Military History - American Civil War

"The Jericho Sanction" by Oliver North and Joe Musser

Oliver North and Joe Musser have created an above average techno-thriller with a great cast of characters. The story revolves around Marine Lt. Colonel Peter Newman. There are three nuclear artillery shells hidden in Iraq, sold to one of Saddam Hussein's henchmen (long dead) by the traitorous Soviet general, Komulakov. American and Israeli intelligence are made aware of the weapons existence by the frantic search of the Iraqis to find the hidden weapons. Newman must go into Iraq and find the weapons before Israel unleashes a preemptive nuclear strike. Meanwhile, Newman's wife Rachael and friend Dyan are kidnapped and held hostage by Komulakov. Komulakov wants Newman to uncover a mole in the American intelligence service that can expose his treachery and ruin his chance of disrupting the election of Putin so he can grab the Russian presidency for himself. There are some great sequences of small unit covert actions and interesting information about satellite reconnaissance and electronic intercept capabilities.

Reviewed by Kenneth S. Smith

Available from:
HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY  10022

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